Rise Up

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Powered by 50 mg of slow-release caffeine, unlock your mental and physical potential with sustained energy to fuel you throughout the day! Skip the jittery spike that you get from coffee and Rise-Up for optimal performance. Whether you’re in an extreme workout mode, closing a sales deal or just need your daily wake-me-up ritual, enjoy checking things off your to-do list and tackling life with Rise Up. 


Herbaceous and earthy yerba mate tea with sunny, lemony notes. 

Ingredient List and Supportive Health Benefits

  • Yerba Mate Tea – Originating from South America, this blend contains 50 mg of slow-release caffeine and powerful polyphenols, so you don’t experience the jitters. Supports mental focus and boosts energy.  
  • Hemp Extract - Helps support focus and overall health.  
  • Vitamin C - Supports immunity and tissue repair.  
  • Vitamin D3 - Helps foster an uplifting mood and boosts immunity. 
  • Vitamin B12 - Supports blood and nerve function and naturally helps increase energy. 
  • Natural Honey - Supports heart health.