How Does CBD Functional Beverage Compare to Other Types of CBD Products?

There’s no shortage of popularity of cannabidiol (CBD) products these days. As more people are discovering alcohol alternatives and beverages that provide benefits to their health, the era of CBD continues to grow, with more and more people wanting to experience new products and get insight into the various options offered. Nowadays, with the wide range of different types of CBD products available on the market, it becomes almost overwhelming to have a clear understanding of what options may be best for you. This article will delve deeper into the increasingly popular, CBD functional beverage space. Here we take look at how CBD functional beverage compares to other types of CBD products so you can make the best decision for your needs.

Point 1: Delivery Method

One key difference between CBD functional beverages and other types of CBD products is in how it’s delivered into the body. With most traditional forms of cannabinoid-containing products like tinctures, capsules and topicals, you would apply them directly onto or into your body for absorption through the skin or digestive system. However, with a functional beverage like an energy drink or sports recovery drink that contains cannabidiol, you are drinking it rather than applying it directly--allowing for much faster absorption into your bloodstream via your stomach and intestines. This means that you will experience faster results from using a CBD-infused beverage than you would from using other forms of CBD products.

Point 2: Taste & Flavor

Another important factor when considering which type of CBD product you should use is taste and flavor. While some people may enjoy the earthy taste often associated with traditional CBD extracts found in tinctures and other alternative forms, others find it quite off putting which can discourage them from continuing use in the long run. However, with a functional beverage containing cannabidiol you don't need to worry about any unpleasant flavors--they are designed specifically to be an enjoyable part of your daily routine that you can actually look forward too! This makes them ideal for those who don't enjoy vaping or taking alternative forms but still want all the potential benefits associated with cannabinoids.

Point 3: Serving Size & Dosing Options

It's also worth noting that when it comes to serving size and dosing options available with different types of CBD products, drinks offer one of the most convenient solutions due to their pre-measured dosage amounts per bottle or can (depending on what type). Some beverages boast up 50mg per serving--which makes finding your ideal dose quick and easy without needing to decipher complicated instructions as to how much drops/creams should be using. As you can imagine, this point alone makes functional beverages especially popular among those just starting out with cannabinoid-based supplements as they know exactly what dosage they are getting each time they reach for their favorite beverage.

Point 4: Price & Cost Effectiveness

Finally, when choosing which type of cannabinoid supplement is right for you, one key factor to consider is price versus cost effectiveness meaning how much bang do you get for your buck? Due to its liquid form, a single bottle/can of a CBD infused beverage typically packs numerous servings into one so overall costs can work out much cheaper than buying alternative formats such as tinctures/capsules etc., depending on what strength levels you desire --making this an attractive option for budget conscious consumers wanting maximum value for their money.


In conclusion there are numerous things that set CBD functional beverages apart from other types of cannabinoid-infused products on the market today; whether its quicker absorption rates due to drinking vs applying; taste & flavor; ease & convenience due to pre-measured dosages per bottle or even just cost effectiveness when looking at overall return on investment vs price paid per servings---these attributes appeal particularly strongly amongst both experienced users already aware of cannabinoid's potential wellness effects plus also first timers who never experienced anything like it before. 

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