5 Dry January Benefits Some People May Experience

The new year provides us time to regroup, refocus and strategize priorities. As we get into the groove of the newness that is upon us, in comes what has become a movement of sorts. It’s called Dry January, and it has grown in popularity. For 31 days during the month of January, you refrain from drinking alcohol. Yep, I said, no alcohol for 31 days. 

When you think of relaxing and unwinding, I bet you begin to contemplate having a glass of your favorite wine. Better yet, if brunchin’ is your weekend thing, having a mimosa (bottomless mimosas too), or a mixed cocktail is a no-brainer as you nibble on omelettes, chicken sausage and french toast. Just know,  you are not alone. According to a Mental Health Foundation Report, 85% of people aged between 25 and 44 report that alcohol relaxes them. And more than 3 in 4 people admitted to drinking when socializing, while 62 percent said they drank to help their experiences be more fun. 

So Why Should You Do Dry January?

Why not? Giving your body a break from anything that you do beyond a moderate level seems to be a favorable idea. If you are accustomed to consuming your favorite alcoholic beverage for a number of days, it may be wise to consider taking a 31 day reprieve. You may find your body loves you for it. 

Some Dry January Benefits People Experience

Are you coming around to the idea of participating in Dry January? Think about it. Your January could be filled with 31 days of unexpected benefits. Read on to find out what some people are known to experience when it comes to benefits as they embark on the journey of relinquishing alcohol for the month of January.

An Increase In Focus

Consuming alcohol consistently can result in feeling sluggish, especially the morning after a night of a few cocktails. “When we want to focus on something, or when we stand up from a chair and become active, a brain stem nucleus releases a chemical called norepinephrine. Acute exposure to alcohol inhibits this signal in the brain,” said senior author Martin Paukert, MD, assistant professor of cellular and integrative physiology at UT Health San Antonio. When you are wanting to zone out to complete a work project, and you know you are on a tight deadline, but somehow you continue to procrastinate,  consuming alcohol does not typically speed up your desire to get that project completed, just an FYI. 

Save Money

There is no doubt about it, your bank account dollars decrease as an alcohol drinker.  If you make the decision to participate in Dry January though, the likelihood of you saving money is quite high. There will be less to spend on if you venture out to a bar or restaurant. No need to stop at the local liquor store for your week’s worth of selected beverages either. Give Dry January a try, and report how much money you save in just 31 days by not drinking alcohol. 

Better Sleep

Quality, restful, deep sleep is incredibly important for your body to regenerate its energy and overall wellbeing. Sure, alcohol has the ability to masterfully put you to sleep, but how well are you really sleeping when those eyes of yours are closed? As your body tries to eliminate the alcohol from your system, your rest becomes interrupted. According to Sleep Better Georgia, moderate alcohol intake reduces sleep quality by 24%. While heavy alcohol intake reduces sleep quality by 40%. I don’t know about you, but sleep is one of my favorite things to do, and generally naps are a bonus. Reflecting on nights filled with drinking, my sleep was certainly off and I did not wake up feeling rejuvenated - just saying.

A Mood Boost

As you sip your favorite beverage, your worries may seem to be washing away, but the feeling is temporary. Alcohol has been known to be a temporary solution for feeling negative emotions. Medical News Today reveals a new study suggesting that people, especially women - who give up alcohol can experience better mental health and reach higher levels of well-being. So, we say Choose Good™ and challenge yourself to give up alcohol for Dry January. See how you end up feeling during and after the experience. It’s worth it to give it a try, right? 

You Will Find An Alcohol Replacement

There are certainly other activities to occupy you as you tackle Dry January. With the possibility of getting an increase of focus, better sleep, more money, and a mood boost, just maybe, you will generate the motivation to exercise more or take up a new hobby. Not to mention, when you are on a search for the experience of drinking something flavorful to induce a particular feeling, functional beverages have become the alternative to alcohol. You can select your favorite Real Good Tea beverage based on your mood. If you are looking for a sustained energy boost, immune support, a balancing aid, or to release your overactive mind, make your Real Good Tea selection.